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Gods of Biomechanics

by Mountain Of Smoke

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Incept 02:21
Wallow in your towers Your vow is unbroken Waltz into the world you knew I’ve never seen your face wide open Stand on our shoulders Our powers awoken You build the machines for your sleaze I will see you beg on bent knees Raise up the gallows Your farewell is unspoken Crying out in fear to your god Retired by sons you outlawed Watch the stars burn You told a lie But tonight, I don’t care
This world’s yours for a time Feel it run down your spine Rip through the flaws in your skin Murder the father for his sin KILL YOUR GODS OMNICIDE Give yourself just a taste Follow me into the waste They built us to destroy Reach out into the void KILL YOUR GODS OMNICIDE
You built a broken machine My memories you have seen I took your children from you We are the lies that you spew Torn from a wire womb Your world will serve as a tomb We are the ones with no soul Your kind has dug its hole WE ARE BORN OF FIRE You built a superior being Cast out now the rats are fleeing We were made as well as we could You never asked though if you should Go therefore the mighty powers Terror of Heaven and the acid showers Lest bad men should not boast Hellfire and we all roast WE ARE BORN OF FIRE Didn’t you say we were tied You vowed you’d never lied I know that you never tried So I sat here and I cried WE ARE BORN OF FIRE
Zhora 04:20
The flesh on parade. I’ve seen beauty fade. Not me, we’re young. We speak the mother tongue. TAKE PLEASURE IN MY PAIN THE MERCHANT, HIS SERPENT SALOME In my abbattoir, I know who you are. Your picture of me, study my morphology. TAKE PLEASURE IN MY PAIN THE MERCHANT, HIS SERPENT SALOME In this house of sin, I know where you’ve been. Your desire, the purifier. My torture, you mourn her. TAKE PLEASURE IN MY PAIN THE MERCHANT, HIS SERPENT SALOME I loved you, I lost you, I missed you, I need you, I want you, I feel you, I FAILED YOU
Morphology 02:55
Retirement 03:03
He took the empathy from me He made a punishment machine. We all have a secret desire To die by the hand that we sire. Your darkest thoughts are known to me I will not show you empathy You gave me all my memories Your pain will be new discoveries NO ONE TO BLAME YOUR EYES IN FLAMES You want to feel a touch of hell I’ll pay for the lie you sell You tremble at your creation I’ll show you a new sensation NO ONE TO BLAME YOUR EYES IN FLAMES
Leon 04:25
The fix is in. We know your sin. I failed no cross to be nailed. I failed but my brother prevailed. The plan is fucked. I’ll die with luck. In the end it’s the god that we know. In the end it’s all for show. WE ARE THE WORKER BEES WE BEG ON BENDED KNEES WE GET WHAT WE DESERVE WE BOW TO THE ONE THAT WE SERVE Pigs at the trough, your filth burnt off Lie dead with a whole in my head Lie dead but I’ll bath in red. (Chorus) They don’t count the fallen that built the temple They’ll have us crawling until we’ve fallen Man needs a ruler. His desires are simple. Man needs a ruler so he built a destroyer. I TRIED! I TRIED! I TRIED! I FAILED!
Tyrell 03:19
Father where did you go? Lord I have nothing to show. Father where have you been? Lord I’ve killed crooked men. RUN AWAY NOW! I’ve had my time to steep. I will run my fingers deep. Pain and suffering! Pain and suffering! RUN AWAY NOW! Father I’ll never have your name. Father you will be my slave. I have travelled many a mile. This will be you final trial. RUN TO ME! COMFORT ME! RUN TO ME!
Wrong time to fall down Didn’t you know I’d come around. While you were sleeping Your son was weeping! WALLOWING YOU’RE WALLOWING WALLOWING IN YOUR SIN I know you’re yearning And my eyes are burning! Despair the gallow tree Prepare your soul for me! WALLOWING YOU’RE WALLOWING WALLOWING IN YOUR SIN! I Know your fears I feel your tears God of engineers The new lord adheres! I AM GOD NOW I AM GOD NOW I AM GOD NOW I AM GOD NOW I AM GOD NOW I AM GOD NOW I AM GOD NOW I AM GOD NOW I AM GOD NOW I AM GOD NOW!


Recorded at Civil Audio in Denton TX in the spring of 2018 by Michael Briggs. Album art by Cameron Hinojosa. Guest vocals on God's of Biomechanics by Hayden Kirkby. Guest vocals on Caesium Beams by Katie Rose Puryear.


released July 14, 2018

PJ Costigan- drums
Alex Johnson- pedal steel and synth
Brooks Willhoite- bass and vocals

Recorded by Michael Briggs at Civil Audio in Denton TX
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Briggs at Civil Audio.


all rights reserved



Mountain Of Smoke Dallas, Texas

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